Integrated lecture and tutorials ''Acquisition and Analysis of Neuronal Data''

Dates, Lecturers, and Location


Part of the Master Program Computation Neuroscience

Dates and Rooms:

Lecture: Fridays from 09:15 to 10:45 in the lecture hall 102 (Haus 6)

Tutorials: Fridays from 11:00 (st!) to 12:30 in the computer pool of Haus 2


Part 1: Richard Kempter

Part 2: Benjamin Blankertz


Bernstein Center for Computational Neurosciences Berlin, Haus 6 (lecture) and Haus 2 (tutorials), Philippstr. 13

University calendar:

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Further Information on the web page of the BCCN-B.


This part of the module "Acquisition and Analysis of Neural Data" of the Master Program in Computational Neuroscience provides knowledge on statistical analyses of neural data:

Required background knowledge: Basic knowledge in Neurobiology and Mathematics at the level of the first year of the Master Program in Computational Neuroscience.

Course Certificates

To obtain course certificates, at least 75% of the points in the exercises (5 ECTS) must be attained.

To obtain the full 5 ECTS for the tutorial, every student has to complete an additional small project (2 ECTS). The tasks of the project in AAND will be distributed in the lecture on July 6th and put on this web page. The tasks will be similar to the exercises (EEG data analysis with Matlab) and solutions have to be submitted until October 1st. The idea is to have small groups of two or three students who work together on the tasks. Each group will receive a different task.

The final oral exam on the module "Acquisition and Analysis of Neuronal Data" will take place on October 17, 2012.


Removed. Look at the more recent lectures.


To obtain the full 5 ECTS for the tutorial, every individual student has to complete an additional small programming project. Project topics will be distributed at the end of the lecture series, and every student should work on her/his topic in the lecture-free time (July/August/September 2010).

Students are required to turn in a short written report, that is, a self-contained description of results. The report should comprise a single PDF file (including an Introduction, a short description of the experiment, a Results/Discussion section as well as labeled Figures with captions) and the Matlab code as an attachment. Guidelines for Writing a Scientific Report might be helpful.

An overview of the projects is available here.

Background material

Part 2 (EEG)

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