Joint Seminar on Machine Learning and Data Management Systems


First meeting: Thursday 01.06.2023, 14-15, Presentation: TBA


First meeting: Via Zoom (See course page), Presentation: MAR4.033


Matthias Böhm, Dennis Grinwald

Course Page


This is a joint research-oriented seminar of the Machine Learning Group and the Data Management Group. Throughout the seminar, students will have the opportunity to learn about recent advances in the intersection of Machine Learning and Data Management Systems.

Interested students are required to participate in the kick-off meeting after which they will select, read, understand, and (if possible) programmatically evaluate one of the eligible papers (TBA), before giving a final 10-15 min presentation in the English language at the end of the semester. More details will be discussed during the Kick-off meeting. The Zoom-link for the Kick-Off meeting is written on the ISIS course-webpage.

Example topics include:

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