Block-Seminar "Classical Topics in Machine Learning"

Termine und Informationen

Kickoff Meeting

Monday 26 November 2018 from 8am to 9am in room MAR 0.011

Presentation Days

Thursday-Friday, 14-15 March 2019 from 9am to 7pm in room MAR 4.065


Marina Vidovic




Wahlpflicht LV im Modul Maschinelles Lernen I (Informatik M.Sc.)

ISIS (2018)

!!! Important !!!

1. The seminar is limited to 24 Students

2. If you take the ML1-X Module: This seminar is (an optional) part of the ML1-X Module and you can take the seminar. Alternative seminar options for the ML1-X Module are the big data seminar/data management seminar.

3. If you take the Cognitive Algorithm Module: This seminar is part of the Cognitive Algorithm Module and you can take the seminar. Note, there is no other seminar for the Cognitive Algorithm Module this year.

4. If you don’t take the ML1-X Module or the Cognitive Algorithm Module: You have to check with your examination office if you can count the ECTS credits and get a written form. Note that the students attending the ML1-X Module and the Cognitive Algorithm Module have priority if there are too many participants.

This seminar takes a closer look at classical topics in machine learning. "Classical Topics in Machine Learning" is an optional course in the module "Machine Learning 1" and "Cognitive Algorithm" and is worth 3 LP (3 ECTS credits). There is no formal registration for the kick-off meeting. In the general case, it is not possible to take the seminar as a standalone course.

Students will read, understand, evaluate and present selected research papers on machine learning methods in different applications settings. At the end of the semester, each student will present his/her topic in a 20 min talk (+ questions) in English.

The topics of the seminar are:

To find a list of all optional papers, follow the link to the ISIS page:

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