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List of papers is ready! Please see [[attachment:PaperList.pdf]],
and do the first step asap.
'''List of papers is ready! Please see [[attachment:PaperList.pdf]],
and do the first step asap.'''

Seminar “Machine Learning and Data Management”


First meeting: Thursday 17.11.2016 14-16, Presentation: Thursday 26.1.2017 14-18


MAR 4.033


Shinichi Nakajima




3 ECTS, Elective in the M.Sc. module "Machine Learning I"

This is a joint research-oriented seminar of machine learning group and data management group. Students are required to present a selected topic.

Example topics are

  • Parallel computation
  • Hashing and sketches
  • Scalable Bayesian Learning
  • Random features
  • Optimization
  • Stochastic/online methods
  • Boosting
  • Dimensionality reduction/Visualization

New Schedule

List of papers is ready! Please see PaperList.pdf, and do the first step asap.

30.11.2016: Each student should select a paper.

7.12.2016: Advisers assigned.

26.1.2017: Presentation.

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