Machine Learning 1

General Information

Machine Learning 1 is a compulsory course in the module "Maschinelles Lernen 1" and is worth 6 LP (6 ECTS credits). The whole module "Maschinelles Lernen 1" is worth 9 ECTS credits.


Thursdays, 10 - 12


MAR 0.016

Exercise session

Thursdays, 12 - 14


MAR 0.016


Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller (Lecturer)

Gregoire Montavon (Teaching Assistant)




The following are optional prerequisites which are helpful but not necessary for taking the course:

As thematical preparation, it is recommended to visit the Python course or the mathematical foundations course which are also accreditable as optional compulsory course part and which take place in the weeks prior to the start of the lecture period.


In the lecture, introductory topics in the field of machine learning are presented. After the lecture, the learnt methods are revisited and last week's exercises are explained in the exercise session. Both lecture and exercise session are usually held in English.

The scheduled topics are:

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