Lab Course Machine Learning and Data Analysis

General Information

First meeting

Thursday, 20.04.2023, 10:15 AM, Room MA550.


Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller


Ludwig Winkler, Mina Jamshidi-Idaji, and Farnoush Rezaei-Jafari




M.Sc. module, 9 ECTS

Course Information

ISIS course page

Enrollment closed (course is full)

Enrollment / Limited number of participants

If you intend to participate, please send an e-mail to,, and with title "Lab Course Machine Learning Enrollment" and this text:

Name           : Your name
Matr.Nr        : Your student ID (Matrikelnummer)
Degree         : The degree you are enrolled in and want to use this course for.
TU student     : Yes/No (Are you a enrolled as a regular student at TU Berlin?)
Other student  : If you are not a regular student, please write your status.
ML1            : Yes/No (Did you take the course Machine Learning 1 at TU Berlin?)
Other ML course: If you did not take ML1 at TU Berlin, please write if you took any equivalent course.

Participation spots are mostly assigned on a first come/first serve basis. Please keep in mind that auditing students and Nebenhörer can only participate if less than 30 regular TU students register for the course (


A PDF overview is available.

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