Advanced Workshop Machine Learning

The workshop takes place during the semester break and is 1 week long. It can be taken as an optional course (3 ECTS) to Machine Learning 1 and 2.

Enrollment / Limited number of participants

If you intend to participate, please send an e-mail to with title "Advanced Workshop Enrollment" and this text:

Name: Your name
Matr.Nr: Your student ID (Matrikelnummer)
Degree: The degree you are enrolled in and want to use this course for.
TU student: Yes/No (Are you a enrolled as a regular student at TU Berlin?)
Other student: If you are not a regular student, please write your status.
ML1: Yes/No (Did you take the course Machine Learning 1 at TU Berlin?)
Other ML course: If you did not take ML1 at TU Berlin, please write if you took any equivalent course.

Participation spots are mostly assigned on a random basis. Please keep in mind that auditing students and Nebenhörer can only participate if less than the maximum number of regular TU students register for the course ( Your participation will be confirmed soon after the application deadline.

Lecture Topics

The workshop will focus on the application of machine learning in medicine, where we will have renowned speakers that are medical experts in different medical disciplines:

Each medical talk is paired with a technical lecture, with focus on deep neural networks and interpretability.

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