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Reading material can be found here [[attachment:topics.pdf]] Reading material can be found here [[attachment:reading_material.pdf]]

Block-Seminar "Hot Topics in Machine Learning: Deep Learning"

Termine und Informationen

Erster Termin für Themenvergabe

Freitag, 17.04.2015, 10am-12pm in MAR 4.033


Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller


Dr. Wojciech Samek (wojciech.samek@hhi.fraunhofer.de)




Wahlpflicht LV im Modul Maschinelles Lernen II (Informatik M.Sc.)

This seminar takes a closer look at a very hot topic in machine learning: Deep Learning.

Students will read, understand, evaluate and present selected research papers on deep learning. At the end of the semester, each student will present his/her topic in a 25 min talk (+ 5 min questions) in English.

The topics of the seminar are:

  • Deep Learning Overview

  • Deep Learning vs. Shallow Learning

  • How to train a DNNs (trips & tricks)

  • Understanding / Interpreting DNNs

  • DL in image classification

  • DL for object detection

  • DL in speech recognition

  • DL in text analysis

  • DL in video analysis

  • DL in fMRI analysis

  • Deep Boltzmann Machines

  • Recurrent Nets

Reading material can be found here reading_material.pdf

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