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 || '''Termin:''' || Blockveranstaltung, Topics will be selected on Thursday, 07.05.14, 14:15||  || '''Termin:''' || Blockveranstaltung, 3rd July 2015||

Block-Seminar "Anwendungen Kognitiver Alogrithmen"

  • Termin:

    Blockveranstaltung, 3rd July 2015


    MAR 4.033


    Pieter-Jan Kindermans, Irene Winkler



Computer programs can learn useful cognitive skills. This course will take a closer look at specific applications of machine learning algorithms.

With the help of their supervisors students will read, understand, evaluate and present selected research papers on machine learning methods in different applications settings. At the end of the semester, each student will present his/her topic in a 20 min talk (+ 10 min discussion) in English.

This course is an elective in the B.Sc. module "Kognitive Algorithmen".

First meeting where topics will be discussed is on Thursday, 07.05.15, 14:15 in Room MAR 4.033.

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