Doktoranden-/Diplomandenseminar SS 12

In this seminar, master/phd students of the IDA group present their current work and research ideas.


usually on Wednesdays, 2:15 pm (s.t.) to 3:15, or as announced (see below)


at TU Berlin , FR 6046, or as announced (see below)


More information for speakers and participants here.

Next Talk

Wednesday, 25.7.12 14.15 FR6046

Master student Vorstellung (Thesis im BCI bereich)

(Chair: Martijn Schreuder)

Planned Talks

This is a preliminary schedule, and might be changed on short notice.

Wednesday, 01.08.12 14.15 FR6046

Job Talk

(Chair: Marius Kloft)

Wednesday, 08.08.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

We are adept at interacting with our dynamic environments. We pick out task-relevant information from the visual scene by moving our eyes and confidently manipulate our near-environment to achieve our goals. Remarkably, these interactive capabilities have generalized exceedingly well to modern contrived environments (some more so than others). In this talk, I will present a broad selection of behavioral studies that were conducted in my group to understand how humans interact with their environments. By doing so, I hope to communicate the methods that we employ to understanding how information is acquired and processed by an active observer. Topics that will be covered include: (i) object speed estimation during locomotion, (ii) novel object learning, (iii) gaze-movement characteristics across viewing and control tasks, (iv) bilateral teleoperation of micro-aerial vehicles.

(Chair: Stefan Haufe)

== Previous Talks =

Wednesday, 11.07.12 14.15 FR6046


Wednesday, 04.07.12 14.15 FR6046


Wednesday, 27.06.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

(Chair: Bastian Venthur)

Wednesday, 20.06.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

(Chair: Daniel Bartz)

Wednesday, 13.06.12 14.15 FR6046

External Talk

(Chair: Martijn Schreuder)

Wednesday, 06.06.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk


Wednesday, 30.05.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

(Chair: Sven Dähne)

Wednesday, 23.05.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

(Chair: Matthias Schultze-Kraft)

Wednesday, 16.05.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

(Chair: Duncan Blythe)

Wednesday, 09.05.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

(Chair: Guido Schwenk)

Wednesday, 02.05.12 14.15 FR6046

NIPS Meeting

Wednesday, 25.04.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

(Chair: Wojciech Samek)

Wednesday, 18.04.12 14.15 FR6046

Research Talk

(Chair: Javier Pascual)

Wednesday, 11.04.12 14.15 FR6046



-- Wojciech Samek -- Jan 2012

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